Britney Mone'

"American pop princess, Britney Mone'  


I've been singing, writing and dancing on and off again since the age of 8. I was a vocal major in the PCCA program at Gibbs high school. After high school I joined collegiate choir at the university of Tampa. I am Currently singing with a Motown and more group called "ACT 3" full time. Moreover, I'm really excited about my album that's in the works and just promoting it. It's projected release date is sometime towards the end of May (More info coming soon). 

My life has been heavily influenced by music of all genres and time periods which has helped me to be very versatile and sing and create music that just about everyone can appreciate. My family has also helped to inspire me on this musical journey. Both my parents, my aunts and cousins either have or are currently artist. Growing up around music is what has really given me my love for the craft, it's in my blood and I can't wait to share it with all of you!



Britney Mone'

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